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Algebra I/II Summer Bootcamp

All HS math parents:


Does this summer (2021) find your student not quite up to the level of math you hoped?  Perhaps you wanted to finish Alg I, II, or Geometry this spring, but your child is not there, yet?


Or perhaps your student is struggling in math and needs some help to be able to get back on track for the fall?


If so, I may be able to help.  I have a program, “Alg I/II bootcamp” where I work with students over the summer to bring them “up to snuff” so they are ready for the next level in the fall.  I did this last year with two students who needed to take Alg II in the fall, but had not done well enough in Alg I they took elsewhere.  They took my Alg I bootcamp last summer and were able to enroll in Alg II the following fall.  I am currently doing Alg I bootcamp with a student to prepare him for Alg II this fall.


This bootcamp includes Geometry.  All work is over zoom, so no travel time is involved.  This will include a mix of live and recorded instruction.


I have room for one more in the Alg I/II bootcamp.  If you are interested, please contact me quickly.  



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