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English Country Dance and Ballroom Lessons:

The information on this page pertains to May 2023.


Day: Friday, May 12th 

Time: 5:00pm - 9:30pm.  First 1.5 hours are ballroom lessons and the last 3 are English Country dance and other group dances
Location: Messiah Lutheran Church ☺️☺️☺️
Address: 1308 Whitley Rd #101, Keller, TX 76248


Rules the church has implemented:

  • No wandering around in the facility; stay in the Dance Hall and only use the bathrooms near it.  This has always been my policy, but I've heard that some kids have wandered around the place.  Do not go outside.
  • Parents may move to the big room down the hall to talk & play board games.  Just don't tear up the place (☺️) and do put it back like it was.
  • COVID info:
    • The church requires us to wear a mask upon entry and exit.  Please bring your own.
    • Mask-wearing in the dance hall is not required, but this always comes with the risk of COVID.  Dance at your own risk.
    • If you are (1) sick, (2) feel sick, or (3) have been in close contact in the last week to someone who's definitely tested positive, please help us all and stay at home.
  • Enter the through the front door.  This is the door that faces the main parking lot and Whitley.
  • There will be other rules to post, but the above are most important.  Please observe them.



  • $5 per person, $15 max per family.
  • How to get in free:
    • First time:  If this is your first time.
    • Bring a first-time friend: If you are a regular and you bring a friend who comes for the first time.
    • Social media:  If you are a regular and can show me that you posted some pictures to Instagram or Facebook this month and mentioned the lessons (especially location and time).  You may copy some pics from the ball or dance lessons that I’ve posted and tell your friends we do dances like this, or you may contribute your own pics/videos.  Or, you may share my facebook invitation.  But, in any case, do the upload/share to the social media, bring your phone, and show us at the door what you posted.  If we think it’s appropriate, we’ll waive the $5 entry fee even for regular attendees.
    • Email list:  If you forward this email to your homeschool group email list.  Please note that this will not count as free if I already post on that list, or if someone else has already forwarded.  But if you forward this email AND CC ME SO I SEE THE FORWARDING, then you will get in free.

Who’s invited:

  • Whole family:  preteens, teenagers, 20-somethings, dads, moms, etc.
  • Open to homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers
  • We ask that pre-teens and younger dance with their own ages or with parents.  Parents mostly dance with your own kids or with other parents (if you plan to dance at all).  The teens and older students will then be able to dance with those closest to their age.


Dress: Modest

  • Girls: Dresses/skirts preferred (not required).  No low-cut fronts,  no overly low-cut backs, and no showing midriffs.  Not formal (so no off-shoulder), just nice & comfortable.
  • Boys: Nice shirts, slacks preferred (not required).  Not formal, just nice & comfortable.
  • Both:  Jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses must come down to just above the knee, at least.  They may be longer, but not shorter.  No gym shorts, tank-tops, overly torn jeans, etc.
  • This is probably a little more strict than you dress outside the lesson, but here let's step up a bit and have some fun with nice clothing.  Thanks.
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