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Hurst Senior Activities Center Performance

We have a great opportunity to serve some people that could use our attention, and we get to display our talents all at the same time.


On Friday October 25th, we have been invited to come and perform at the Hurst Senior Activites Center in Hurst.  This is a place for Hurst (and other) seniors to get together, fellowship, and learn.  It’s a very nice facility, and they have a room that is almost as big as our Keller dance location.  I plan for us to perform ECD, swing, and slow waltz.  If you don’t know all of these, but you do know some, please consider coming. 


People in facilities like these LOVE to have young people come and pay them attention.  I think you will find the experience very rewarding.  There is no cost involved.  I plan for us to actually do a slow waltz with residents.  The other dances will just be for us to perform in front of them.


If you plan to come, please take note of the details below.  While you may simply email and tell me you are coming, I would ask that you click on the link below; it will take you to a google form that I’m asking you to fill out.  It will help me a lot to keep track of who’s coming.



  • Location: Hurst Senior Activities Center
  • Addr: 700 Heritage Circle, Hurst
  • Date: Friday, October 25th
  • Time: 2-4pm
  • Dress:
    • Boys: Shirt, tie, slacks, dress shoes.
    • Girls: Blouse/skirt or dress.
    • Viennese Waltzers: Our normal performance clothing.
  • Dances: ECD, swing, slow waltz, Viennese Waltz
  • You do NOT have to know all the above dances, but you do need to know at least one.  If you have some experience with one or more of the above, please consider coming. 
  • We can only accommodate 6 – 8 couples, so you will need to reply quickly.  DO NOT SIMPLY SHOW UP UNANNOUNCED; YOU WILL NEED TO TELL ME YOU ARE COMING.
  • How to let me know you are coming: Fill out this form If you have trouble filling out the form, then you may reply by email.  But please try the form first.
  • If you indicate you want to come, that does NOT guarantee you a slot.  I will reply to you via email to let you know whether we are full and will not need your help, or that there’s a spot left for you to fill.



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