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World View Studies - Biblical High School for your Home School

As you probably know, I teach World View classes.  What you may not know is that I also teach math.  Unlike WV, which is taught in classrooms, I teach most math online.  This avoids many transportation hassles.


Registration form for all levels.


Geometry is included in all levels; there is no need for a special course just for it.



  • Start date: Middle of August, 2021
  • Levels offered (Saxon curriculum) Math 87 (Pre-algebra), Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-calculus, and Calculus:
  • Generally, the student attends class two days per week.  First class (Tuesdays) is recorded and second class (Fridays) is live online.  See registration form for more details.
    • First day of class: Mid-August, 2021
    • Last day of class: End of May, 2021
    • Holidays:
      • Thanksgiving: End of November
      • Christmas: End of December
      • New Years: First of January
      • Spring Break: Mid-March/April
      • Holy Week: Mid-march/April
      • Each month there will be a floating "Free Friday" in which there is no lesson or HW due.  The actual Friday can change from month-to-month; I won't always know which Friday until the actual month arrives.
  • Alternative scheduling:
    • We do offer "in person" teaching for some classes on a specially-requested basis.  For example, our Algebra I class this year will probably be offered this way.  The student actually travels to our location (house or church, depending upon the day).
    • Unlike the other math classes, most of the grading will be done in class by the teacher and students.  Parents will only have to grade if this is not completed in class.
    • If you are interested in this arrangement for your students, please contact us
  • After registering click on getting started.  It will tell you how to order books, how to get online, etc.  You will need to contact me to get the password to access the web page.


Here are some details about the classes:

  • Tuition: $80/month (summer or fall/spring)
  • Meet: Twice/week
  • Online class length: 1.5 hours each
  • In-person class length: Flexible, but 2-3 hours.
  • Training: I was a math and computer science double major in college.
  • Parent grades the HW & tests (except for in-person classes)
  • Parent scans & emails tests to me (except for in-person classes).
  • Registration fee: $55


Here are some unsolicited comments from students and parents:


student, 8/8/14

I recently took the state-wide math placement test TSI to determine what class I should start in my college career.  My advisor said I had the highest math score she had ever seen.


parent, 6-29-2014

My son has taken Algebra I ,Algebra II & Pre-cal for the last  3 years. He has learned so much, Mr. Woolsey explains anything the student doesn't understand and spends as much time as needed to get the concepts across to each student. We have been very pleased with the course and would highly recommend Mr. Woolsey online math classes.



parent, 10/25/13:

Thank you. We are very pleased with the class and your willingness to work with students. She is working very hard and we are so glad she is understanding it!!!!!!!


parent, 10/25/13:

She was so happy that she was getting things.  Thanks for spending time w/her beforehand.  Also, THANK YOU for all the time you spent w/<my son> this afternoon.  He was really grateful.


student, 10/23/13:

Yes. It worked and I was able to view it. Thank you so much! Can't wait to be apart of your live classes! Both of my friends (<name1> and <name2>) are in it (Algebra 2), and <name3> has been learning a lot through Algebra 1 so I am very excited.

parent, 10/22/13:

We've been so pleased w/how <my son’s> Alg 1 class is going and think <my daughter> moving to your Alg 2 class would be a smart move.


parent, 10/8/13:

Your 4 steps absolutely SAVED <my son> today.  Knowing what to do and in what order was huge for him.  Thanks so much for spending ALL that extra time.



parent, 9/30/13:

By the way, thank you for your instruction. <My son> does not want to miss any class because he so appreciates you being able to clear up any fuzzy areas. I am thrilled and so appreciate the opportunity to have him learn from you.


parent, 9/18/13:

She is enjoying your class and although Algebra is a challenge for her she has enjoyed your teaching and is grasping it.


Please contact me if you are interested. 

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