World View Studies - Biblical High School for your Home School
World View Studies - Biblical High School for your Home School

March 1st and following: Everything's green.  We meet in person (or online, whatever is your preference).


This page is designed as a resource for students of World View Studies, a comprehensive class for home schooled high schoolers.  This class uses the World Views of the Western World curriculum created by David Quine.  We meet in three places around Fort Worth: Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Southlake, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Grand Prairie, and First Baptist Church of Smithfield in North Richland Hills.  Class time is only once a week for three hours, and continues for four years.  Yet in that time almost all high school credits are earned except for math and science.  The student accomplishes the bulk of his/her work at home under the guidance of Father and Mother.


In the 2021-2022 school year I will teach four years of the curriculum plus Starting Points.


More details on the class itself is found at: Why attend these classes if my children are homeschooled?


Details about a primer class is found at Starting Points.  It's not a required class, but it is very helpful as an introduction to the upper-level classes.

It is a comprehensive  high school program with special emphasis upon the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Francis Schaeffer.  It has four foci: Biblical, Classical, World View, and Critical Thinking.


A class consists of more than simply a curriculum.  It includes a location, a teacher, enough students to create a class dynamic, and a web site.  The World View Studies web site, which you are currently on, contains information about specifics of the Fort Worth area classes.  


A question that might arise at this time is, "Am I still really homeschooling if I send my child to a class like this?"  Rest assured, this class does not replace your home school, it enhances it.  See how.


Registration for Starting points and all four WV years is here. Please fill out and return to Mark Woolsey.


List of books required for each class is here.  Please print this out, select which books you need, and return to Mark Woolsey.


List of credits awarded to the student upon successful completion of the four-year course is here.  Note that the curriculum syllabus only lists 18 credits, while this link lists 20. The two extra credits, speech and debate, are added by the World View Studies class itself.


Please note also that I teach math (8th grade to calculus).  Jump to here for more info.


Information about the teacher, Mark Woolsey.


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