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Dual Credit for College

Here is the video link of a zoom call we had with Dr. Nick Ellis as he explained the benefit in detail and took questions and answers.


And here are all the classes offered for dual credit.


We are excited to announce our partnership with an organization called Christian Halls International to begin offering our Worldview Studies classes for college credit. CHI has partnership with various Christ-centered universities, such as LeTourneau University, Colorado Christian University, King's College New York, and others. Our aim is to accredit all of the World View Studies classes through one of these universities, including offering up to an Associates of Arts for students who complete all four years within the World View Studies program.  We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, so I will say that plans are not yet finalized, but we anticipate being able to turn a good number of the HS credits into college credits.  The distinct possibility is that an Associates of Arts may be achievable with minimal additional courses once your child finishes World View Studies High School.


I was invited to speak at a panel discussion at the recent RewerED Summit held by Christian Halls.  Although the panel's discussion was not recorded, Dr Eillis' talks were.


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